An insta from yesterday. Been going through (AND SCANNING) pictures from the early 2000’s, when me and my sister where cute little toddlers hitting each other and eating and sleeping instead of doing anything with a purpose. On the picture, you have a stack that’s about a forth of the pictures we have from 1999-2004. […]

I didn’t take any pictures with my camera today (although you find some on my Instagram, @b1cc4) so this is the song I’m listening to while writing this. You know when you say you’re going to sleep early? And then you don’t? Haha, I’m always complaining about lack of sleep. But last night I got […]

Happy Hatday! I don’t have any good pictures from the hatday today but chech out the #hatt15 on Instagram! Me and Emil hatted around in Porvoo too early this morning and put hats on the statues downtown. Hatday is the day we celebrate school-student’s rights and this year FSS actually celebrated big with a themeweek. […]

It’s been a few really rough days. Perhaps the toughest my family has ever had to go through. Bursting into tears any minute and battling the way up from bed and onto life. Doing the dishes is another level of hell. And no person should be doing funeral programs or obituaries. But in another universe, […]

    Been a busy few days. I met my cousin and some friends, had long school days and I sat in a meeting (above) for most of Saturday. Today I spent some quality time reading, taking pictures with my sister and talking to Janita over Skype and then a few hours with Elina on the phone. Really miss […]

I had so much fun today! We played Laser Tag in gym, and I got the highest score in my class. And competitive as I am, I was superhappy. Okay, the game was even more exciting actually, but still, always happy to win haha. Then I jumped on the right bus, but in the wrong […]

Aaaaand awake way too late again. Today you’re gonna get the material of a photoshoot in my school Prakticum. I really really really like that school, it’s so well-working and structured, with qualified teachers (most of them haha) and good food. We did this promo-photoshoot with some peeps from my class today as an exercise […]

Me and Chabu when we met, this one’s from a busride between Brighton and London last summer. I’m getting bored with school. There’s no challenge. So I spent English and Swedish sending out e-mails to all kinds of companies about possible student discounts with the FSS student card. I even called a few. Then finally, […]

Such a long but inspiring day! Had a loooong schoolday, started at 8.15 am and went on with chemistry and health- and physical education. Then a lunch-break, oh how I enjoy them! I get a well-cooked, warm, free meal on a regular time a day, the only real routine I have, and it’s always such […]