I will try

I didn’t take any pictures with my camera today (although you find some on my Instagram, @b1cc4) so this is the song I’m listening to while writing this.

You know when you say you’re going to sleep early? And then you don’t?

Haha, I’m always complaining about lack of sleep. But last night I got 4.5 hours and then I had a 9-hour school-day. FUUUUUN. We had some photography-related physics and then we photoshopped old, destroyed pictures to look good again for the rest of the day. NOT. After that we had the first high school-math lessons for this year, and got off at 6.30 pm. So four hours. But it wasn’t as bad as I had expected, me and my classmates bought a lot of food and drinks to get through the afternoon and had pep-talks to keep eachother on board and awake. And then I realised I’ve missed math (embarrasing!). But seriously, there’s something really enjoyable about counting and counting and figuring out difficult math problems and theorems and functions. And then you look at your paper and see a mess of lines and numbers and letters and then you’re like AHA there it is and you feel like a winner. I just enjoy that haha.

A slight problem came up today though. My teachers and classmates don’t like that I leave early so often and am absent so much because of the Youth Council and FSS. So on Monday we’re going to have a meeting about how to fix the problems with that. Which makes me frustrated cuz I already do good in school, I do all the exercises and I always leave a note when I’m absent. So what more can I do? I mean I know school’s supposed to be priority #1, but it’s really never been that way. And unless I’m gonna start getting as much out of school as I get from other things, it will never be. The reason I chose this education is because I think that’s the one I can easiest make fit in to the rest of my life. Most people just expect that the part of my life they represent is the one I prioritise, but that’s not the case. Family and friends comes first if something’s wrong, and other than that it’s what I feel I’m gonna get the most out of doing. I always do what I promise to do and I’m polite about whether I will or won’t do something. That’s the best I’ve come up with so far, and if that’s not what you expect from me, perhaps you should start concentrating on how you’re handling your life.

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