Act of pure defiance

IMG_050215 IMG_050215-4 IMG_050215-7

Happy Hatday! I don’t have any good pictures from the hatday today but chech out the #hatt15 on Instagram! Me and Emil hatted around in Porvoo too early this morning and put hats on the statues downtown. Hatday is the day we celebrate school-student’s rights and this year FSS actually celebrated big with a themeweek.

Then I went to school and had a semi-boring day and then I went to Emil’s and he was supposed to cook for me but well. He said he was going to make mac & cheese, but he poured in too much milk and then he put some eggs in and then he stuffed it into the oven. But it turned out alright, we ate it with a lot of ketchup and then we planned an interrailing trip! Looking forward to it so much! When everydaylife is not so good, traveling is the answer!

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