(In English below) Jag erkänner: Jag blir lite lycklig av att köpa nya saker och kläder. Det är i och för sej inte ett stort problem, så länge man konsumerar smart. Det, å andra sidan, är inte så lätt. Förutom att det går åt massor med pengar när man köper mycket billiga saker (som sedan […]

In the youth law in Finland it says in the 22nd paragraph, that youth shall be heard in all matters that concern them. And today FSS was invited to give a statement on the reform of vocational education and training. This is one of the subjects I care a lot about, as I often am […]

Right now I’m on my way to Brussels to spend two awesome days with OBESSU’s (Organising Bureau of European School-Student Unions) Working Group on renewing the Political Platform. I am excited to work with the team and try to make as good of a policy document as possible. Anyhow, this time I have news. Yesterday […]

This morning, I took the 6.27 train to Tampere. Last time I did that, I then changed there for Pori, where I attended SuomiAreena, a huge political event that took place in July. Today, I attended NUORI17, another huge event but this time on the topic of young people. The event gathers thousands of youth […]

WHAAAT THAT WAS SO UNEXPECTED OMG. In less than a month, the Swedish-speaking school student’s Union of Finland FSS is having their general assembly and electing a new president. This is the NGO where I have my organisational home and the only institution in the world that I’ve cared about for three years straight, ever. […]

Spending time in a cafe in Kallio, Helsinki, in between things. Today is my day off for working Sunday, and I spend it very busy. This morning, I attended a hearing about the new recommendations for General Upper Secondary diplomas. It was a very interesting debriefing on a subject I have not yet bumped into […]

Phew. That was fast. January: Moved to my own apartment on Lönnrotinkatu in Helsinki. Awesome 25 sqm on the fourth floor on top of a stripclub. Thick walls, lots of parties, no complaints. I was doing an internship at Yle Kioski and working part-time for the Swedish Yle Archive. I got to know some of […]

So far, this summer has been the greatest one in my life so far. Right now I’m working full time at Rikhardinkatu Library, Helsinki’s first public library. I’m mainly doing digital marketing such as informative videos, the visualisation of the e-libaray and graphic design for posters and other material. To my responsibilities I can also […]

Long time no see. It’s summer. That means I’m working. Currently I’m a project worker at a project called #munmuseo, My Museum, which is a Helsinki-based programme to make museums more interesting to young people. My daily place of work is the Helsinki Designmuseum, a cool place just 10 minutes walking from me. I actually […]

  Emil and I had ham and milk last night in my apartment around 11 p.m. “I feel so alive right now, Bicca”, he said. And I couldn’t have agreed more. Let’s go back two years. Emil and I had recently started talking to each other after 3 years of complete silence. I was the […]