(In English below) Jag erkänner: Jag blir lite lycklig av att köpa nya saker och kläder. Det är i och för sej inte ett stort problem, så länge man konsumerar smart. Det, å andra sidan, är inte så lätt. Förutom att det går åt massor med pengar när man köper mycket billiga saker (som sedan […]

In the youth law in Finland it says in the 22nd paragraph, that youth shall be heard in all matters that concern them. And today FSS was invited to give a statement on the reform of vocational education and training. This is one of the subjects I care a lot about, as I often am […]

Right now I’m on my way to Brussels to spend two awesome days with OBESSU’s (Organising Bureau of European School-Student Unions) Working Group on renewing the Political Platform. I am excited to work with the team and try to make as good of a policy document as possible. Anyhow, this time I have news. Yesterday […]

This morning, I took the 6.27 train to Tampere. Last time I did that, I then changed there for Pori, where I attended SuomiAreena, a huge political event that took place in July. Today, I attended NUORI17, another huge event but this time on the topic of young people. The event gathers thousands of youth […]

WHAAAT THAT WAS SO UNEXPECTED OMG. In less than a month, the Swedish-speaking school student’s Union of Finland FSS is having their general assembly and electing a new president. This is the NGO where I have my organisational home and the only institution in the world that I’ve cared about for three years straight, ever. […]

Spending time in a cafe in Kallio, Helsinki, in between things. Today is my day off for working Sunday, and I spend it very busy. This morning, I attended a hearing about the new recommendations for General Upper Secondary diplomas. It was a very interesting debriefing on a subject I have not yet bumped into […]

Phew. That was fast. January: Moved to my own apartment on Lönnrotinkatu in Helsinki. Awesome 25 sqm on the fourth floor on top of a stripclub. Thick walls, lots of parties, no complaints. I was doing an internship at Yle Kioski and working part-time for the Swedish Yle Archive. I got to know some of […]