So far, this summer has been the greatest one in my life so far. Right now I’m working full time at Rikhardinkatu Library, Helsinki’s first public library. I’m mainly doing digital marketing such as informative videos, the visualisation of the e-libaray and graphic design for posters and other material. To my responsibilities I can also […]

Long time no see. It’s summer. That means I’m working. Currently I’m a project worker at a project called #munmuseo, My Museum, which is a Helsinki-based programme to make museums more interesting to young people. My daily place of work is the Helsinki Designmuseum, a cool place just 10 minutes walking from me. I actually […]

  Emil and I had ham and milk last night in my apartment around 11 p.m. “I feel so alive right now, Bicca”, he said. And I couldn’t have agreed more. Let’s go back two years. Emil and I had recently started talking to each other after 3 years of complete silence. I was the […]

Finally. Finals are over. It’s a bit weird having to remind myself and everyone I meet of the exceptional fact that 1, I am a vocational student and 2, I am in second grade. Not that it changes anything, but the situation is a bit special anyway. The backstory for the confused ones. In Finland, […]

My own apartment. Still the absolute best choice I’ve made so far in my life. After this weekends FSS board meeting I headed back to my parents place for dinner, and when my plans for later that evening got canceled, I decided to stay over. We had such a cozy evening the whole family, eating […]

Happy International Women’s day. Or not. I’m extremely torn about celebrating this day. Like being a woman is anything better than being a man or something else? I’d be totally comfortable with celebrating this day if we lived in one of following three scenarios. If we lived in a world where there was two genders […]

It’s weird that it’s Sunday and I haven’t worked the slightest the whole weekend but instead spent time with family, friends and relatives and I’m still totally done haha. On Friday I rushed home from school to see one of my neighbors from the building. We had tea and cake at a nearby cafe and […]