Finally. Finals are over. It’s a bit weird having to remind myself and everyone I meet of the exceptional fact that 1, I am a vocational student and 2, I am in second grade. Not that it changes anything, but the situation is a bit special anyway. The backstory for the confused ones. In Finland, […]

My own apartment. Still the absolute best choice I’ve made so far in my life. After this weekends FSS board meeting I headed back to my parents place for dinner, and when my plans for later that evening got canceled, I decided to stay over. We had such a cozy evening the whole family, eating […]

Happy International Women’s day. Or not. I’m extremely torn about celebrating this day. Like being a woman is anything better than being a man or something else? I’d be totally comfortable with celebrating this day if we lived in one of following three scenarios. If we lived in a world where there was two genders […]

It’s weird that it’s Sunday and I haven’t worked the slightest the whole weekend but instead spent time with family, friends and relatives and I’m still totally done haha. On Friday I rushed home from school to see one of my neighbors from the building. We had tea and cake at a nearby cafe and […]

Eating some pasta. I’m totally done, finito, loppu, slut. But it was an awesome week. On Monday I had the English listening comprehension for my matriculation exam, and on Tuesday I had the best dentist appointment of my life. Turns out, not only are my teeth more than fine but really nice dentists actually exist. […]

I just decided to take a moment off and appreciate what I have in life. I booked flight tickets to Copenhagen and Strasbourg, so now I have at least one trip planned for every upcoming month until summer. In one and a half week I head over to Denmark for a meeting with the Nordic […]

Another eventful week comes to an end. This week I’ve been stressing around quite a bit as usual. Weirdly enough, I was in school a total of three full schooldays, out of which I did visit the student counselor once. As all sorts of counseling in my life so far have ended up as disaster, I […]

Some days, being under 18 sucks a lot. I usually don’t care about age. And I’m not even that defined by my age. But I have to say that no one made moving away from home at 17 easy. When I wanted to sign the rent contract, I had to get a paper from the […]

Satans jävla helvete det har gått ett år och det känns inte ett dugg bättre. Du är lika borta, lika död, det är lika fucking tomt och ensamt och det känns lika förbannat hopplöst att ingen svarar om jag ringer. Din nummer finns kvar. Din bild finns kvar från en av många grillfester i er […]

I’m working from home today. My internship ended last Friday and school starts next Monday so in theory I have a week of vacation. Which we all know is complete bullshit unless I would be sent to an island far away with a good assistant promising to do my job and someone else paying all […]