Dear no one

Some days, being under 18 sucks a lot.

I usually don’t care about age. And I’m not even that defined by my age. But I have to say that no one made moving away from home at 17 easy.

When I wanted to sign the rent contract, I had to get a paper from the Local Register Office stating that my parents are my parents, that we are all alive and that we all lived together. This documents took some time to get at it cost 13 €. Then my parents had to sign a different documents stating that they are fine with me moving and that they take responsibility if I fuck up.

When I moved in, I had to get an electricity deal with some company. I called, registered and on the last step of the process the woman realises I’m under 18. Her attitude changes completely and she tells me to ask my Mom to call instead. I signed up online with my Moms details.

I also needed to get an insurance, so I called our regular insurance company. Again, I register, they ask for my social security number, and again, they realised I’m 17 and tells me to ask my Dad to call in and set up the insurance. So my poor Dad, that has no clue about the house and what kind of insurance I need, has to call and fix it all.

In order to pay rent, I needed to get some of my savings into my own saving account, which I needed to open. Surprise surprise, I had to bring both of my parents with me to the bank to even open the account.

In order to pay rent, I also need to change the limit of maximum money taken from the account in one day. I called, identified with my bank codes, talk to the person for a while and begin the process. My social security number comes up and WHAM BAM, no limit changes for you. Ask your parents to come down to the bank and arrange it.

The house I live in is connected to the Internet through DNA:s services, and wihoo, I get free wifi! I mean I will get free wifi. As they told me over the phone, they can not register an account in my name since I’m not 18, so my parents are going to have to get me internet, the one thing they don’t know crap about.

Sadly, there’s much more to come.

I do understand that there’s a need for certain limits in order to protect children and such. But would you mind making everyday life a little easier for another regular person that for some reason has limited access to citizens rights.

I love the Children’s rights. But atm they I have ZERO use of them. However I would really appreciate to get bills that I pay in my OWN NAME. Thank you society. Over and out.

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