Some days, being under 18 sucks a lot. I usually don’t care about age. And I’m not even that defined by my age. But I have to say that no one made moving away from home at 17 easy. When I wanted to sign the rent contract, I had to get a paper from the […]

I’m working from home today. My internship ended last Friday and school starts next Monday so in theory I have a week of vacation. Which we all know is complete bullshit unless I would be sent to an island far away with a good assistant promising to do my job and someone else paying all […]

People are so scared. So afraid to fall. Even at the bottom, where it’s pretty much impossible to, people still fear a bottomless hole to open up under them. We grow up with some kind of adult or parent around. No matter how good or bad they are at the raising  us- part, we still […]