Here I am, once again

I’m working from home today. My internship ended last Friday and school starts next Monday so in theory I have a week of vacation. Which we all know is complete bullshit unless I would be sent to an island far away with a good assistant promising to do my job and someone else paying all my bills and and and.

So here I am, didn’t realise it was Monday because obviously I’m always working one way or another. I got up at 9, took a shower, put my sweatpants on and went back to bed with my computer on my lap, working. Melissa and Julle asked me to join them for lunch, so I did, and then I came back home to work. When Elina gets off school we’re going to a waterpark as her Christmas present from me. Afterwards I’m heading to Porvoo to sleep and then tomorrow the day is packed with an event called Is the youth’s voices being heard? where I’m hosting for the third year in a row.

So my calendar is full as usual. And I do love it, doesn’t matter how hard it gets. This is how I want to live, at least for now. But I do tend to question thinks when I’m in my bed at midnight, knowing that I didn’t quite have any freetime at all today. I mean, not that I don’t have fun and enjoy myself with friends, but as far as I know people watch TV without working sometimes? And people have lunchbreaks just to eat and not to do other work-things that aren’t related to the things you’re taking a lunchbreak from?

Most of the breaks I do take in one day is to do some other study/work related things. That’s how I live. My phone broke the other day, and I had to buy a new one the same day (you see why I’m always working) because I couldn’t live without my CALENDAR.

As I’m working part-time at the national broadcasting company YLE:s Archive, I get to read a lot of articles, listen to audios and watch videos from the 1930’s ’til the beginning of the 2000’s. The further back in time we go, people live a simpler lifestyle. There’s one thing to do everyday. It doesn’t matter if you ave to wait 4 hours for your cousin to get home, how would they know you were coming over to their island? If there’s snow outside you start the morning by shoving the snow away so you can get out of your house. You make it work, day to day. You plan ahead to survive winter, but not further than that.

So what did stupid people do back in the days?

I see all these handy people working and fixing stuff (in the countryside) and I keep thinking, what did a person do, that wasn’t capable of fixing things, making a living, just getting a picture of it all in their head? There wasn’t necessarily any access to good education, papers from a school did not necessarily give you a job, no one had a thing such as a CV. So what if you were a bit simpler, and you couldn’t do it on your own, and there wasn’t a process for you to turn to built up in society? Did stupid people just die?

Even watching reality tv-shows of today, reading blogs online etc, I see people that couldn’t survive in an old days society. It’s fine now, because they get a lot of support and there are simple rules to follow in order to get jobs and apartments etc, and someone can always help you with that and then you can live somewhat of a life without ever having to think one thought by yourself, as long as you can function normally enough to fit in to society’s structure. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, everyone deserves a shot, but it’s a bit scary that you actually can get pretty far in life without thinking by yourself or questioning things the slightest.

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