Here’s to all the times we fucked up

What a shitty start of the week.

I’ve been late for work everyday, I’ve had long meetings everyday, I’ve had to skip school, I’ve had to lie and skip eating in order to make sure I’ve been on time everywhere and I’ve still missed buses, frozen my fingers, came in late to meetings and leaving other meetings early. I feel bad because it always builds up this tension and I haven’t quite cared about it earlier but now I’ve really let my family and close ones take some of that. Gah.

Anyway, after countless train-, bus-, tramrides and walks back and forth here and there, today has finally been a bit better. Still feeling kind of sick and tired of everyone and everything, but the smile feels a little less fake today haha. I’ve been a work, booking studioguests, calling around and researching, and then I hang out at the set of Sex & Sånt, a discussion programme about sex and such stuff for youth. I got to try out sitting in the sofa myself, probably joining in for the rest of the season.

I really love hanging out at work and I’m gonna miss these people loads! Luckily I’ll continue hanging out at YLE anyway, at least for a while since I have the part-time job at the Archive. World’s looking a bit brighter today.


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