That’s how superhumans learn to fly

Eating some pasta. I’m totally done, finito, loppu, slut. But it was an awesome week. On Monday I had the English listening comprehension for my matriculation exam, and on Tuesday I had the best dentist appointment of my life. Turns out, not only are my teeth more than fine but really nice dentists actually exist. School’s been fine and on Wednesday I got to see some amazing friends, and on Thursday too. I also went to see Mira and Janita for their prom, and they were both so stunningly beautiful and happy! I came home quite late and woke up early for a couple of hours of school before heading over to the General Upper Secondary school Lärkan, where I photographed at their prom.

Afterwards I got to join them for a really fancy (and well-deserved, they danced amazing) dinner at restaurant Pörssi in downtown Helsinki. The food was delicious and although I was only there as a complete outsider and photographer, I had the most amazing time in great company. I honestly think I’ve never felt so welcome at an event like that. They also invited me to join the after-party in Espoo, in the middle of the woods. And so I did, switching buses and walking a lot of kilometres in the snowstorm haha. The party was great and I got to know so many new people, all of them such sweet human beings. Feels weird to be surrounded by so many strangers that are so nice and welcoming to you haha, but I definitely had the time of my life once again. Oh and on my way home I argued about the EU and NATO with a drunk stranger on the bus. What a life.

On Saturday morning I woke up early to attend an event in Pasila with the national youth co-operation Allianssi. There was a lecturer from the European Youth Forum talking about human rights and the rights based approach, a working method for organisations to be more accurate and getting their voices better recognised through another way of expression. We basically learned about how to argue using human rights instead of talking about the needs of members in our organisations. I had a lot of fun although I was extremely tired, a lot thanks to my awesome colleagues at the other student unions SAKKI, SLL and OSKU.

Afterwards I decided to go back to Porvoo to see my Mom and hang out with her, since Hannah and Dad are skiing in Austria the whole week. Mom and I had such a good time, eating amazing home-made dinner and drinking good wine. We watched the Swedish Melodifestivalen for a while while snacking on vegetable-dip and having a good time. So well-needed for the both of us, just laughing and listening to music. She woke me up this morning by making Hannah’s cat walk on my arm haha.

There had been quite a snowstorm last night so when we had had a nice breakfast we headed outside to somehow dig out the car and shove the snow away from the stairs and the whole way from the street up to the house. This took us quite some time but when we finally finished we drove over to Grandma’s for well-deserved cookies and coffee haha. Then Mom drove me to the bus-station and I came back to Helsinki to have another coffee with Sofia and Frans and get all the gossip from the third-graders big cruise. The evening has been spent cleaning my apartment and cooking.

I truly have got the best of two worlds. I feel so blessed to have such a great relationship with my family and still get to spend all this time with all of my friends. I couldn’t wish for more.

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