Sense in searching something sacred

It’s weird that it’s Sunday and I haven’t worked the slightest the whole weekend but instead spent time with family, friends and relatives and I’m still totally done haha. On Friday I rushed home from school to see one of my neighbors from the building. We had tea and cake at a nearby cafe and got to know each other. She’s from Vietnam so I had a hundred questions of course. So great getting to know neighbors!

Afterwards I went to dinner with my amazing godmother before seeing a movie. I invite her over for coffee after that and so we got to chill and she got to see the apartment! She took off just before 10 pm, which is too early to go to sleep but quite late to come up with something to do. But so my cousin Marie called and asked me to come over to her new place and hang out with her brother and their girlfriends. And as my other cousin had this sudden eager to get me there fast, I took a TAXI (I never do, especially not in Helsinki) and we had a lot of fun before going out all together.

On Saturday Marie picked me up to go back to Porvoo to her second brother since his oldest son was turning 7. I definitely got to see a whole lot of relatives there. I went back to my parent’s place to spend the evening with my family and today after staying over in my childhood home, my Grandma and her husband came over for dinner. Now I just stumbled through my own door and I’m as exhausted as I usually am after work trips and long meeting-weekends. And Emppu will be over any minute.

Although my relationship with my parents has become even better since I decided to move, Porvoo makes me more anxious than ever. Everytime the bus crosses the river I get this cloud of uncomfortability over my head, and it’s really heavy. I thought I had dealt with my issues with that city already but we’ve definitely got some things to work out. Anyway the weather also sucks and dead, rainy streets never made anyone happy so I’ll save that for another time. At least I managed to get some nice pictures of my beautiful sister!


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