We don’t apologize

My own apartment. Still the absolute best choice I’ve made so far in my life.

After this weekends FSS board meeting I headed back to my parents place for dinner, and when my plans for later that evening got canceled, I decided to stay over. We had such a cozy evening the whole family, eating amazing fondue and watching the Swedish Eurovision competition Melodifestivalen before going to sleep and (at least) trying to have some quality time with my sister.

Today I woke up to baguettes fresh from the oven and was really confused with suddenly having to interact with other people the first thing in the morning. However before that Hannah’s cat jumped up in the bed so she was the first one I interacted with. It does feel kind of meh to go back home after being with so lovely people but man was it worth it to take an earlier bus.

I came to a sunny Helsinki before 12 on a Sunday, I went to the grocery store and bought fruit and food and sandwich-ingredients. And then I strolled home with toilet paper and tomatoes and just couldn’t stop smiling. The feeling is hard to describe. But when you’ve come so far along on your own journey that you can be excited over basic things like toilet paper, sunshine, Vans and cleaning your own apartment, that feeling is just priceless and so worth working for. I kept feeling that way for the rest of the afternoon, when I vacuumed, washed clothes and sheets, made the dishes, threw out the trash and swabbed the sink.

Oh and then I made really good sandwiches with only the ingredients that I like (so chicken and cucumber) for tomorrow’s final exams. I love spoiling myself for these exams, those 6 hours are more my thing than most things in school. I could take exams everyday haha.

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