It’s incredible to live on my own. It’s so similar to the life I’m used to living, but I don’t have to run around caf├ęs to get work done or just warm up my feet in between meetings. I don’t have to worry about catching the last bus and I can completely shut everything and […]

Guys. Something amazing just happened. I smiled because I felt so incredibly happy. It’s past midnight. It’s the officially the second day of the new year 2016. It is also (officially) the second day that I am a Helsinki citizen. The past year has been totally crazy and upside down in so many ways, and […]

When I was 11, I remember getting in to a fight with my Mom over some random rule we had at home that I didn’t like. I packed everything I owned into plastic bags and put them in a corner to have them wait another 7 years until I could finally move away. Most of […]

Oh this life. Such a roller coaster. Its been an up-and-down-week, but today really sums it up. I woke up at 7, snoozed until 7.15, packed and took the 7.30 bus, went to work, had lunch with colleagues, looked for an apartment to rent in Helsinki, worked a bit more, met up with Masa who […]

So for a while I’ve been feeling very rootless, lost, and not all that happy with big parts of my reality. And turns out, even the most satisfying parts aren’t the most reliable. I’ll always be welcome in my hometown Porvoo, and I will probably always have work and a place to live there. But […]

I’m in Oulu, northern Finland, with my family. We’re at my sister’s godparent’s place in the middle of the woods. They’ve got a dog and a cat and huge stoves to warm up the house, a big kitchen and lots of good food. We came here to relax, and we’ve already gone on long walks […]

Today was one of those days. Everything smiles except for my wallet. Yesterday was awesome. You fell asleep smiling. No worries, nothing to miss, and nothing to wish for but everything you have in that moment. You know when you wake up with a big broad smile on your face. You push the snooze button […]

I used to daydream a lot. I used to wish those dreams would continue when I fell asleep. Those dreams saved my life. Some of them where about big career moves, mingling in awesome events with a glass of champagne in my hand and hugging important people and actually knowing what I was doing. In […]