I’ll be needing stitches

Oh this life. Such a roller coaster. Its been an up-and-down-week, but today really sums it up. I woke up at 7, snoozed until 7.15, packed and took the 7.30 bus, went to work, had lunch with colleagues, looked for an apartment to rent in Helsinki, worked a bit more, met up with Masa who went with me to my first ever apartment viewing, looked at an awesome but tiny apartment, went to the mulled wine-evening of a party’s youth department, headed to Marie’s for some cider and hang-out before she and her bestie went to a concert, I walked Marie’s brother’s dog and chilled with a glass of champagne, and then Elina called so now I’m heading back downtown to see her, where also most of my friends are out partying tonight. And it’s been a rough, terrifying, idiotic, crazy week but damn this life and damn this freedom. I’d chose this life over anything, I swear.

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