Candidating for FSS presidency


In less than a month, the Swedish-speaking school student’s Union of Finland FSS is having their general assembly and electing a new president. This is the NGO where I have my organisational home and the only institution in the world that I’ve cared about for three years straight, ever.

FSS is the kind of place where you get to come as you are, grow as a person and do something meaningful in the meantime. Pretty much the opposite of most school systems. And that’s something that I, as a person who never fit in or liked school, am determined to change. FSS has been doing it since 1921, and to be a part of that community for one more year would be an honor and a joy. And that’s why I am candidating for president of FSS, to speak up loudly for a minority within the minority, and make sure school student’s voices are heard and respected locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

I joined FSS three days before the General Assembly in Porvoo, 2014. Only 6 days later, I was elected for the board. Might say something about the competition, but it might also say something about just how much I care about what’s going on in schools.

I hated school. And I see it as my goal to make sure nobody else has too.

I enjoyed having the freedom to graduate early, thank god I got to do that. But I’ve also seen people struggle to graduate in 3, 4, 5 years. Both need to be possible.

I’ve worked beside school and sometimes when I should have been at school, I’ve ran away to Brussels for conferences without telling my teachers, I’ve used breaks and lunch breaks to take phone calls and answer e-mails, and most of the time it was supertricky, frustrating and stressful. And it shouldn’t be that way. Not everyone learns as much in school.

If I get elected, the upcoming year will be about equality in schools, between teachers and students and among themselves. It will be about making the gaps between school levels smaller, so no one falls through. It will be about getting student’s voices heard louder and clearer than parents and teachers and politicians. And it will be about creating those structures that make sure students aren’t just heard, but that they are making the decisions.

Oh, and some newspapers mentioned it.




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