Head up high

So far, this summer has been the greatest one in my life so far.

Right now I’m working full time at Rikhardinkatu Library, Helsinki’s first public library. I’m mainly doing digital marketing such as informative videos, the visualisation of the e-libaray and graphic design for posters and other material. To my responsibilities I can also count customer service on the children’s, young adult’s and music departments. It’s awesome to get that experience, since I’ve never officially worked with customers directly before. Making library cards, picking up reservations and best of all – guiding people to finding awesome books for them – is really something I enjoy.

My colleagues are also very nice and I’ve felt extremely welcome bearing in mind the size of the team and that I’m like 30 years younger than the median. Hope to be back here later this year when I turn 18 and actually will get to work part-time/as a substitute. Learning the bookshelves and the material as closely to by heart as you get in just a couple of weeks has been an awesome challenge and I feel like the experience might come in handy later in life.

On a personal scale, the past few weeks have been amazing too. My parents are sailing around in the Finnish gulf and they stopped by in Helsinki for a couple of days on the way. We had a lot of food, fun and wine, a relationship I hadn’t imagined having with my parents at such a young age. They really are so important to me with all their flaws and mistakes, so being able to chill as just 3 humans late at night in a restaurant is the best feeling ever.

Except for with my parents, I have also had a certain amount of wine in parks, kitchens and restaurants around Helsinki (and Copenhagen in June) with my amazing friends. Never had I imagined that I would spend a summer like this in the capital, working and partying and meeting so many new people while staying so close to some of the friends I already had. For every second of smiling, laughing and happiness you’ve given me, I owe these people I huge thank you. Seriously, didn’t know life could work out this fine.

Oh and I also found an apartment to move in to on the 31st of July, so even that’s under control. Now I just have to figure out how to finish my studies and what to do with my life this autumn until and after I graduate.



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