Light in my life

Long time no see. It’s summer. That means I’m working.

Currently I’m a project worker at a project called #munmuseo, My Museum, which is a Helsinki-based programme to make museums more interesting to young people. My daily place of work is the Helsinki Designmuseum, a cool place just 10 minutes walking from me. I actually hadn’t imagined I’d ever even apply to work at a museum, but for every day that passes I start liking it more and more. The team I work with is a lot of fun and we’re mainly working on a bigger event that will take place on the 21st of June, so in a week. As event planning and management have became quite big interests of mine, I really enjoy the job. I also get to work with the graphics and communication of the event, which is good for my studies. You can check out some of the work already in the Portfolio-section of this new webpage of mine, or you can search for the event ide@design on Facebook and have a look there.

One of my colleagues commented on me looking really happy this morning when I came in. And I stated that yes, in fact, everything is going quite well. Which I of course shouldn’t have said cuz then I got a headache and way too many messages about stupid things to reply too and too many calls to make in one lunch hour. But in the big run, it’s all kind of good right now.

So far, this summer has been anything I could ever have imagined. Long nights with friends, inside the apartment and out, lots of reading, working, meeting new people and hanging out with my close ones. Like, it doesn’t get THAT much better really.

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