Lately I’ve been counting stars


Such a beautiful weather today! Especially in Porvoo, almost as beautiful as this, 2 years ago.

But that was probably the only really good thing. I stayed up too late, called a friend in the morning, had just fallen back to sleep when I had to get up to do a workthing (8.30-ish, school started at 11.30). Then I worked 2 hours and jumped on a late bus to Helsinki, was late for school and had a pretty basic schoolday. Didn’t quite learn anything new, stressed with two newspaper-things and messed up while trying to focus on both that and school, ate mandarins and croissants and asked to get off a little bit earlier. Got on a late bus and arrived in Porvoo a few minutes too late, went to a meeting between the Building and Enviroment Committee and the City Development Committee. These two are not agreeing on everything and while a lot of the discussion was pretty unnecessary, there actually where some good points. We talked about the centre-area and how to develop it since Porvoo is a beautiful medieval town with a great heritage but a dying city centre. So I raised my voice for apartments in town, which would make more young people stay in Porvoo and give Porvoo what it needs to stay as an own, yet important, growing city for Finns and foreigners of all ages. I mean I’m certainly getting out of here, but I’ll always love this little village in Northern Europe haha.

Anyway, home at the moment is filled with grief. It’s so unbelievably empty and pointless and just sorrowful.




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