The way it works

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It’s been a few really rough days. Perhaps the toughest my family has ever had to go through. Bursting into tears any minute and battling the way up from bed and onto life. Doing the dishes is another level of hell. And no person should be doing funeral programs or obituaries.

But in another universe, life goes on. And I go to my meetings and seminars and school and whatever. This week I had an UN of Finland-meeting in the Parliament building, and on Wednesday (the same day we lost my aunt) I met up with some people from the Youth Council to discuss guidelines for the upcoming years. On Thursday I made myself go to a small seminar/discussion on the changes of the Youth law. Turned out to be a good seminar, but I probably missed half of it. But That’s something I would want to work on. I met my cousin Marie too, and she drove me all the way to Porvoo. Then Friday started with an interview on the local radio station, but this time I was the one to interview. We’re doing this radio-theme on the Youth-pages in the local newspaper next week. Friday night and the whole of today were spent at home. Tomorrow I’ve got a HECO-meeting in Helsinki.

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