Elon Musks uppköp av someplattformen Twitter, och alla förändringar han gjort sedan dess, förvånar, förvirrar och förargar världen över. Twitters algoritm och innehållsvariant, korta textuppdateringar, går i en annan riktning än konkurrenternas, och därför är Twitters kultur mer omfattande, mer intensiv, och det är så gott som omöjligt att fastna totalt i sin egen bubbla […]

  I’m in Espoo, west of Helsinki on an exhibition for 9th graders in the city. I’m representing FSS, since this is an event organised by their local youth council to introduce school-students to politics. There’s all kinds of programme and things going, right now a debate between some candidates for the parliamentary election.   […]

I’m looking at a bilingual election debate between the leaders of the parties in Finland. I’m kind of giggly, kind of mad and kind of facepalming my self. Half of the group are throwing out poorly put arguments on bad Swedish and the other half is playing diplomatic but only to seem like they know […]

Such a beautiful weather today! Especially in Porvoo, almost as beautiful as this, 2 years ago. But that was probably the only really good thing. I stayed up too late, called a friend in the morning, had just fallen back to sleep when I had to get up to do a workthing (8.30-ish, school started […]