Thought of all of the people, places and things


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And yet another week comes to an end. Märt asked me to join him at the National Museum to help him with some school-questionnaire, and we actually had fun. That might have something to do with that we ate at Hesburger afterwards. I actually just realised that it’s exactly 5 months since we met in Starbucks before the Germany-trip, with him, N & N. Crazy, it feels just like yesterday.

Then my beloved bestfriend Elina took the same bus home as I did! So we caught up and that was so nice, I really miss her. It’s even worse now that she’s doing her internship and I’m stuck in school, so I don’t even get to give her a quick hug in the cafeteria like most days.

At home we also had a guest, my sister’s godmother H from Oulu came over. Nice catching up with her too, although there weren’t that much positive to talk about in neither her nor our lives right now. Sigh.


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