Haha Thursday was perfect, I hang out with Rebecca as we planned, we caught up and ate pizza and sat in a café and yaay it was great. But then she went home, and I was supposed to as well, but somehow I ended up asking Märt to join me for a late birthday dinner, […]

Me and Chabu when we met, this one’s from a busride between Brighton and London last summer. I’m getting bored with school. There’s no challenge. So I spent English and Swedish sending out e-mails to all kinds of companies about possible student discounts with the FSS student card. I even called a few. Then finally, […]

Monday, check. Woke up too early (on time, just felt too early) and shoveled myself down to the bus station. Waited for about 5 minutes in -20 degrees and wondered how the fuck I was able to play outside in that temperature like 10 years ago. Came to school and had a long day of […]

Been absent for a few days, due to like a lot of things. Anyway, some of my staff-friends from Kulturkarnevalen (Big annual Finn-Swedish camp about culture, arranged by FSS) had a reunion in the former intern’s apartment haha. It’s really close to my school so it was easy to get there, and then we drank […]