Right at the moment this order’s tall

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Been absent for a few days, due to like a lot of things. Anyway, some of my staff-friends from Kulturkarnevalen (Big annual Finn-Swedish camp about culture, arranged by FSS) had a reunion in the former intern’s apartment haha. It’s really close to my school so it was easy to get there, and then we drank some mulled wine and ate freshly-baked buns. Or well, I drank half a mug of mulled wine and then like 1,5 liters of hot chocolate. Then I’ve also visited my aunt twice, helping her wife to get her iPad and Spotify up and running and carrying some firewood with my sis. And today, I had a schooling with the Building- and environment committee about a new data-system we’re gonna use in the meetings. Although I don’t know if I’m gonna be there since we’re re-electing the committee-members in the beginning of this term of office. I was like really sure that I wanted to try something new, perhaps the Social- and health committee, but I’ve actually started to get along with the people in mine, and the money and iPad isn’t too bad… And I finally understand like almost everything we go through, so I don’t feel completely lost anymore when we’re discussing paragraphs on building new terraces in the archipelago. I mean, perhaps I WOULD have more to give in some education committee, but then again I have at least something to say about buildings and environment too. So that’s a dilemma.

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