IMG_6317_edited IMG_6345_edited IMG_6371_edited IMG_6358_edited IMG_6389_edited IMG_6390_edited IMG_6395_edited IMG_6394_edited IMG_6396_edited IMG_6400_editedHAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

I am so happy in this very moment. This morning, I woke up, went to Helsinki and met up with Vertti and our two Italian friends from the language course. We shopped and then Venla and Janita arrived, and we went to PicNic for lunch. We shopped some more and my friend M showed up so we got him new jeans (From Stockmann haha). Then we went back to Vertti’s house, where his Mom had prepared an amzing new years eve-dinner, and we ate with his family. Then ofc, we had to go all the way back from Kerava to Helsinki, where we met some more people. We celebrated new year at this famous Market place, Senaatintori, where a few thousand people gather every new year’ for a concert, count down and live stream on TV. We drank some champagne, kissed and danced and sang and had the time of our lives. And then back to Kerava to sleep. I’m at Pinja’s house, and she’s already asleep so I’m all alone blogging in the dark. Tomorrow we’ll take the Italians to Suomenlinna, castelruins on an island. Fuuuuuun!

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