I drove Emil home yesterday. He asked me to come up for an icecream. We talked to his Dad. We went out and down to the park to eat icecream on a bench. We got a thousand good ideas for the interrail, including a playlist on Spotify. So we headed to his room and made […]

Third try. I deleted the first by mistake and then my battery died. Today we were supposed to go to Eastbourne, but due to some difficulties we stayed in Brighton. Communication issues as usual. Not a problem for me though, found myself a pair of Vans and had a great time in Starbucks with Vertti […]

Once again, sorry for the bad picture-quality. Todays activities were SeaLife(like a really big aquarium) and LaserZone (where you shoot people with laser guns). SeaLife was kind of boring in my opinion, but anything is fun with great company. LaserZone on the other hand, would have been fun with just anyone AND I got a […]