IMG_271214 IMG_271214-2Hello! Wow, this is my first official post on this blog. So, welcome new readers, welcome back old ones and yeah, hi.

My name is Bicca. This blog is under construction. i’m gonna put my whole English archive in here as soon as I have time but now there are a few posts for you to read and if you click in the right corner on a square with three lines, you’re gonna find my profile where you can find out more about me. If you’d like to check out what I’ve been up to the last three years, please check out my old blog . I wrote in Swedish up until April or May 2014, and after that the posts are in English. This is pretty much a lifestyle blog, about a really busy girl that loves to talk, write and take lots and lots of pictures.

So here are some from the last few days. I went to Helsinki to meet my friend A from Estonia, who spent her Christmas here in Finland. I met her and a friend from Vantaa in Germany in September, and he also came to see us yesterday. We had a lot of fun and ended up meeting A:s sis and second cousin and chilled in a cafe for a couple of hours. Then I spent the evening and night at my cousin Marie’s house, together with my sister Hannah. We had a blast, talking traveling and watching funny videos. It’s so weird with my cousin’s place, I just come in and throw my shit everywhere and lay on the couch like I’ve never done anything else. Hopefully I’m not as shitty of a guest as I seem to be.

Anyway so, there’s a lot of snow and also a lot of After-Christmas-Sales. So me and my long time best friend and not-blood-related-but-still-sister Elina went shopping as we’ve done the last 3 years. Except then, we were to small country girls with maps and bags and very lost gazes in our eyes, and now we both study in this amazing capital and know the shopping centers like our own pockets. I’m not THAT much of a shopping person, but with Elina I always seem to make some good bargains. We had a great time as always, I just love this girl. Zero acting, zero games, sweatpants and no make-up and it’s still the blast of the century every time we get to see each other. We had lunch, I bought a blazer, a shirt and a mascara and then we ended up on the bus-station floor with some fruits just like we’ve been doing in like 5 cities and a hundred times. So nice.


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