Third try. I deleted the first by mistake and then my battery died.
Today we were supposed to go to Eastbourne, but due to some difficulties we stayed in Brighton. Communication issues as usual. Not a problem for me though, found myself a pair of Vans and had a great time in Starbucks with Vertti and Kaisa. Then we jumped on a bus and ended up in Preston Park, and waited an eternity for the bus back. Smart thinking Bicca. But then Kaisa and I had the greatest time chilling in Churchill Square and eating sweets. The evening was spent at home with my roomies and host sisters Julia, Pinja and Riina, going through all of Julias buys. And may I just say, that girl knows how to shop! Or otherwise messy room was a complete disaster of bags, receipts and clothes. Or tiny room was so warm that we decided to go for a walk. Luckily we got home just in time to see Germany win Argentina, hurray!
We looked through Pinjas new-ins too, but she isn’t as bad a spender as Julia – thank god. An overall good night, you guys are just the best!

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