And tells the truth

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Haha Thursday was perfect, I hang out with Rebecca as we planned, we caught up and ate pizza and sat in a café and yaay it was great. But then she went home, and I was supposed to as well, but somehow I ended up asking Märt to join me for a late birthday dinner, and surprisingly he showed up, so we ate supermuch (for supermuch money) and just had a good night basically. And so he left to do some homework, and once again, I was supposed to leave. But then I walked through the Central Railwaystation and I looked up at the timetable-board, and saw that a train was leaving for my cousin Marie’s area in 3 minutes, so I called her while running to the train and spent the rest of the evening there. We talked interrailing, she gave some great advice and then we stared at the television. Haha.

Anyway, after Rebecca went home and I waited for Märt, I had just the perfect amount of time to walk around in the city center and take some pictures in the twilight. No matter how much I love my smalltown home and driving around the countryside, most of me will always be a real big city-girl.

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