I didn’t take any pictures with my camera today (although you find some on my Instagram, @b1cc4) so this is the song I’m listening to while writing this. You know when you say you’re going to sleep early? And then you don’t? Haha, I’m always complaining about lack of sleep. But last night I got […]

Monday, check. Woke up too early (on time, just felt too early) and shoveled myself down to the bus station. Waited for about 5 minutes in -20 degrees and wondered how the fuck I was able to play outside in that temperature like 10 years ago. Came to school and had a long day of […]

Hey people! Haven’t been blogging in a while, I have had a lot to do. The weekend was spent on this course-thing, I’m gonna be an eventproducer hihi. And then I visited my dear aunt on Sunday. Monday as my day off, so I woke up late and went christmasshopping. And then I sat in […]

Two instas from the weekend^. What a productive weekend! FSS boardmeeting in the office in Helsinki, containing workshops, good meals, great company and a lot of decisions. Even though a lot of things could work better, Finland and FSS are both in a pretty good shape when it comes to education policy. Well anyways, I […]