Hey people!

Haven’t been blogging in a while, I have had a lot to do. The weekend was spent on this course-thing, I’m gonna be an eventproducer hihi. And then I visited my dear aunt on Sunday. Monday as my day off, so I woke up late and went christmasshopping. And then I sat in a café down town and did some homework and paperwork. In the evening I had one of the funniest meetings in a long time, we baked gingerbread for a test in the local newspaper. And then I sat on a less funny meeting for the rest of the night and did like a lot of quite boring things. I mean I the youth council is one of the best things I’ve ever done, but sometimes it’s getting on my nerves when people can’t communicate and do what they promise and so other people end up doing it and then everyone’s just annoyed and angry.

Anyway, I got off early on tuesday so I worked in the FSS office all afternoon. That was fun, some package-sending and a few memberletters, then we had a meeting with a representant and then I translated some random pressmessage. Which I just left when I was ready instead of reading through, which I should have cuz it seems like noone else did correct it really. But then I spent tuesday evening with my beloved cousin Marie, we made some GREAT food and watched Bones and cought up.

On wednesday I had a late morning (love love love) and then after school I just visited the student council in my school and then I had the night off! Tursday on the other hand, I had a packed schoolday and then I couldn’t even get of earlier for the youth council’s mulled wine evening. So I went straight from school to the Borgå Gymnasium independanceday-prom. And I, who NEVER EVER dance, danced all night. I’m seriously still in a little bit of a  shock. It was an amazing night though, so happy to see all my friends that happy. And now, I’m at school as usual, been since 8.15 and looking forward to sitting here until 17.30 tonight. YAY.

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