Under min uppväxt i Borgå hörde jag aldrig ens talas om Pride, och då är det inte ens 10 år sedan jag gått grundskolan. Det fanns helt enkelt inte på kartan att det kunde finnas något gott eller normalt i att förknippas med sexuella minoriteter och könsminoriteter. Ord som homo och lesbo var skällsord, skällsord […]

Sometimes, the mailman delivers awesome things. 15 €, Ebay. Something I can not recommend: Working 23 hours without eating. And no, I don’t have an eating disorder, I’m just very stupid. I ate an ice cream and some youghurt at Emil’s place last night 11 p.m.-ish. And then I came home around midnight. And went to […]

I drove Emil home yesterday. He asked me to come up for an icecream. We talked to his Dad. We went out and down to the park to eat icecream on a bench. We got a thousand good ideas for the interrail, including a playlist on Spotify. So we headed to his room and made […]

ASDFGHjklkd. I’m going to miss this life so much whenever I grow up. I’m listeing to Photograph by Daughtry and I could be crying so much just because I know that this will be over one day. I mean, it all comes with some damn hard work, but I’m living the dream life right now! […]

Hey people! Haven’t been blogging in a while, I have had a lot to do. The weekend was spent on this course-thing, I’m gonna be an eventproducer hihi. And then I visited my dear aunt on Sunday. Monday as my day off, so I woke up late and went christmasshopping. And then I sat in […]

Today, I’m proud to be a Finn. We made history today, when the Finnish parliament FINALLY voted for an equal marriage law. Me and like 20 of my friends skipped a few hours of school to demonstrate and show our love in front of the parliament, together with a few thousand others. I will never […]

Omg, WHAT a great couple of days. Yesterday was spent swimming, sunbathing and eating at Pinkki’s summer cottage in the very outskirts of Porvoo archipelago. Beautiful place. The thundery night was followed by great conversations and everything that a perfect sleepover needs (meaning a bunchload of chocolate). Thursday morning, aka today, I went home for […]

What a great day. Okay, so it could have started a bit better, I was woken up by the guy from the parkingoffice. He told me that just less than a week ago, the people who own the parking I parked on yesterday, put in a fee for parking on the little platform for mopeds […]