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What a great day. Okay, so it could have started a bit better, I was woken up by the guy from the parkingoffice. He told me that just less than a week ago, the people who own the parking I parked on yesterday, put in a fee for parking on the little platform for mopeds too. So that wasn’t the best start a morning could get.

And then looking for another place to park, I almost missed the bus Emil and I took to Nickby. We got there in time though, and had a fantastic day with Mia and her family. Emil and I had ordered some rainbow flags for the Pride-parade we’ll be attending in a month, so we walked around waving those and had our own little parade.

Then when I got home, my sister and her kids were here to visit! We had a lot of fun, the boys are so impressed with my moped haha. Promised to visit them next week at our summer cottage in the archipelago.

And so I ended the day spending some time with my Dad, just talking and chilling. What a great day! Except for the ticket of course. Tomorrow Elina’s gonna come visit! Oh and on friday it’s midsummer, which I’m gonna spend in the archipelago with Rebecca. #SoBlessed #LifeIsPerfect

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