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Woop woop I got colourful. This is how you deal with the dilemma of liking black clothes and colourful pics.


Yesterday I got home too late to blog. The youth council had it’s last meeting but due to the summerbreak (and lazy people, probably) we were only five attendants. It was the usual 4 from the board, incl the translator (me), the president, the vice president and the secretary, and another boy. So we didn’t get much done, sadly.

The last year I’ve become pretty close to the rest bureau, and now the vice president is leaving to do his military service, so we just sat down and talked for a few hours after the meeting. We were all a little nostalgic and all, so we decided to go watch a movie together at the secretary’s apartment. We ended up watching Despicable me and eating candy haha. Overall a really really good night.

Today I went to the hairdresser just cuz I once again got tired of my hair. And now I look like in the pictures above.

Then when I got back to my moped I had these awesome ticket for not paying for parking. The weird thing was that parking there s free. So I went straight to one of Borgås’ offices to ask what this was all abaout. Ofcourse I managed to lose the ticket on my way there, it probably fell out of my pocket while I was driving. But they were really helpful and nice at the office and they’re gonna call me tomorrow so then I’ll know more.

Now I just got home from a meeting with the Building- and environment commission, which lasted too long as usual. Although today was actually kind of interesting, we gave some building permissions for new study apartments in Borgå.

And when I got home, my acceptance letter from Prakticum was waiting for me, YAY! So I’m officially gonna be a media assistant.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending some time in Sibbo with Emil and our former swedishteacher Mia. So that’s gonna be a lot of fun. But they both think we should wake up before 12. And that means I gotta go to bed.

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