Look at this photograph

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I’m going to miss this life so much whenever I grow up. I’m listeing to Photograph by Daughtry and I could be crying so much just because I know that this will be over one day. I mean, it all comes with some damn hard work, but I’m living the dream life right now!

This year didn’t start good. It started with and end, and I will forever remember 2015 as one of the most sorrowful and hopeful times because of Lotta’s death. She’s in my mind and in my heart all the time, everywhere I go. She’s the guardian angel and even though it’s so unbelievably hard and painful sometimes, it’s like she gives me strength to carry on.

So somehow, the rest just works out amazingly. I had the time of my life in Budapest, Hungary in February. I worked on some really awesome projects, like WESSAC, in March. I got elected vice president for FSS in April and had a great time at our General Assembly in Kemiö, Western Finland. May started with a nice trip to Tallinn, Estonia with my family, last weekend I worked & partyed my ass of in Odense, Denmark, next weekend it’s SOUNDS 2015 in Porvoo, then I work at the big Stafettkarnevalen-carnival in Helsinki, and the month ends with all these graduation. I’ve had the coolest internship for April and May, and June continues at the broadcasting company YLE as a summer reporter. June comes with Pride, midsummer, boardmeeting with FSS and tons of awesome summer events and evenings. In July I’m going to spend a few days of quality time with Hannah (can’t say more if she’s reading this) and then I’m off interrailing with Emil. We’ll be back in August, for a week of almost vacation at home, some meetings and school. In September I’ve only got Phantom of the Opera planned. And I just booked flights for me and Elina to Gran Canaria in October! For November I’ve only got the culture-weekend Kulturkarnevalen where I work as staff, and in December I start another internship. Don’t know where yet, but I’m thinking northern Finland or in some cool and cheap country somewhere. All planned for an awesome year!

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