ASDFGHjklkd. I’m going to miss this life so much whenever I grow up. I’m listeing to Photograph by Daughtry and I could be crying so much just because I know that this will be over one day. I mean, it all comes with some damn hard work, but I’m living the dream life right now! […]

Some street photography shots from Sunday. We had a HECO-boardmeeting and then we walked back to the city center, where I jumped on a train and had dinner with Marie. Yesterday after school, I went to the exam of my Hygiene Passport, and after waiting with the other 20 people for 40 minutes, the teacher […]

I might just have stayed up a little bit too late last night, or at least so it felt this morning (at 11 o-clock hahahah) when my alarm went off. I threw my phone on the floor and pushed snooze for an hour (my snooze is 10 minutes) and I fell asleep EVERY time. Then […]