Free falling

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Some street photography shots from Sunday. We had a HECO-boardmeeting and then we walked back to the city center, where I jumped on a train and had dinner with Marie. Yesterday after school, I went to the exam of my Hygiene Passport, and after waiting with the other 20 people for 40 minutes, the teacher or whatever her title is finally answered her phone. She was at home in Loviisa, with no plans for coming to Porvoo that day. Without hesitation (or being sorry) she proposed to meet a week later same time and same place. Not everyone has every Monday night off! And since we even paid for it, I think it’s very unprofessional to not even bother to call. And then this morning I got a text saying “Sorry for the inconvenience, you get another chance to write the exam next week”. Damn.

Anyway. I’m in SubWay eating dinner. Pinkki just left, she ate in 15 minutes and cught me up on the most essential Porvoo-gossip. Now I’m looking forward to a few hours with the Building- and Environment Committee, and tomorrow I have a looooong morning in bed to look forward to!


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