It’s safe to say I’m lost

igI might just have stayed up a little bit too late last night, or at least so it felt this morning (at 11 o-clock hahahah) when my alarm went off. I threw my phone on the floor and pushed snooze for an hour (my snooze is 10 minutes) and I fell asleep EVERY time. Then I shut if off and thought about calling in sick, but realised my morals are too high for that *sigh*. So one-ish I took myself in a mode that’s closest too a zombie in a coma, to a bus in the foggy and rainy Porvoo, and got my butt to Helsinki (also foggy though). Then as I was told, or perhaps MADE would be a better word, I walked over to Luckan. It’s kind of an office with all kinds of services in Swedish. Anyway, I had been told that the adress for the Swedish-speaking schoolstudent’s union of Finland (FSS) archive was the same place as Luckan, so me and a confused new worker there ran around looking for it, until I called our office and got the explanation that the actual archive is on a secret floor under ground and that the office was on the third floor. So I went up, met some people that were really excited about my visit and FSS in general since we’re doing the project of sending all the board members in to look in the archive. So I got underground haha, to the real archive, and was shown to two huge bookcases with documents, pictures and posters from 1943 and up. Most from the 80’s but the ones from wartime and soon after would be the ones I found most interesting. Funny thing, when I found a paper dated in the 50’s with a signature of man whose daughter (she’s around the age of my mom) is now a member of the parliament. So a really interesting visit there, and now I know exactly where I’ll go if I need to do a schoolproject that stands out, aka not copy-pasted from Wikipedia. Pheew. Then I spent around 4 hours in the FSS office with the Working Committee, which I’m not even in, but got an invitation too because I’m in the board. But I still had a lot to say so good thing (for me) that I was there. The others might not have been as thrilled about me interrupting every 20 seconds. And tomorrow we’ll continue with the board meeting, and that’s gonna last. I feel like it’s impossible to come to any good conversation results when everyone’s basically just yelling at eachother. So tomorrow’s gonna be a long day, but I’m stll kind of exited cuz I’ve really started to enjoy the company of many of the other boardmembers.



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