Some legends are told

IMG_080115-3Well hello every day-life. These gals came over this morning (GAAH TOO EARLY) for some brunch! My christmasgift to them haha. They’re from my class so we caught up on whatever we have been doing lately and ate like A LOT. There were fruit and vegetables, I made pancakes and mini-baguettes, Julle brought some Nutella from Germany cuz she spent christmas there with her family and Melissa had some Oreos. Although I ate them for dinner today, woops. Right after they left, I got ready and went to a really important meeting, that ended up taking more then 4 hours.

It was the youth council’s board meeting, and as so many times before, it was the president Nea and I, the vice president, that showed up. Our coordinator was also there today, thank god. There were plenty of intense discussions and small paragraphs that we needed to go through and analyse, since next week is when the new term of office starts in it’s practical meaning. We made up the whole meeting agenda and a [brilliant] program for the schooling next Monday. And then I translated the whole thing and put all of it on facebook, our website and sent really nice invites to all our new members. My head is on the line to explode.

No but really. I’ve worked my butt off to get where I am today, and I’m quite proud of where I stand. It’s just ironic when you technically should be on vacation (school starts on Monday) but you already feel like you’re ready for the next vacation. Oh well, I chose this myself and I’m damn proud of it.



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