You gotta stand for something or you’ll fall for anything

Oh now you were lucky. I got home at half past ten after a full meeting-day with the FSS board. Then I ate an avocado and made a birthday-collage for beautiful Chabu who turned 17 today.

And you’re lucky I did that. When the meeting ended I was in an okay-kind-of-tired-but-fine-mood, but by the time I got on the bus everything was irritating (I mean I got that it was because I was tired but still). Then in the bus, I fell asleep as I usually do in the evenings. I woke up like 3 times, all because of nightmares. And when i got home, I was infuriated. You see, we had this discussion about curators and student welfare in general, and because of some experiences I’ve had, my views on that usually differs from other politically active youth, and the discussion kept pounding on my mind and so I dreamed about the experiences I’ve had, which made me mad. Of course, I don’t think selfishly about what I would prefer (I seriously don’t give a damn because I’ll still do what I feel like) but I try to base my views on what I’ve heard from like-minded. It’s just that in this situation, the like-minded people are the ones that don’t care enough to stand up for it. The original reason I got in to politics is actually a part of this discussion, but I didn’t bother to explain that in the meeting so I’ll do it here. It’s what it is, an explanation but not a very good argument.

I’ve met some unprofessional people in a lot of branches. And I’ve been forced to play along and act with the system and not question non-working parts of it. When it comes to student welfare, I’ve met more people that weren’t professional or trustworthy. I know that is just my unlucky way of seeing it. BUT. I was around ten when the thought first hit my head, that when I’m an adult, I’m gonna work as hard as I can to give people the right of choice. And while I might not be an adult in most people’s eyes, I’m involved with pretty much as many political organs as a a lot of adults are under a lifetime, so not working for what I believed in then and still believe in would be stupid.

I publicized the picture above a year ago. When you first look at it, it sounds like an obvious idea, of course it should be that way. But when you think about it, this society is against pretty much everyone’s right to make their own decision. On the FSS board, there’s this one person who uses people’s stupidity as an argument for not giving people the right to make their own decisions. So what if people are stupid? It’s our society, our lives and so it should be our choices. We can’t forbid people to mess up. If you’re capable of taking the responsibility, no one should make the decisions for you. And then people say, that when a person is under 18, the responsibility is the parents’. Well bullshit, I say. Sure, in court if you want to, on paper. But a 5-year old knows when they’ve done something wrong. And a 10-year old’s parents have NO CLUE about what’s going on in their child’s mind or what is the best for them. But while I have come to the conclusion that education and education only can be compulsory in schools, my fellow colleagues in the board seem to think that it’s a good idea to make everyone visit the curator once a year. And I think that makes people like me irritated but *sigh* they have a point of course, when it comes to marginalization and preventive care. So my plan is to make an amendment on the Studentparliament, and if it doesn’t get voted through I’ll leave in an objection in my name. Oh I can just hear how *a lot of people, no names* would call me childish right now if they were reading. Oh well, I guess that’s the beauty of it.

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