Not gonna move



My dinner today. In the bus.

School starts tomorrow. So not feeling it. I’ve been in a meeting this whole weekend, tomorrow I’ve got school and then me and Nea from the youth council are in charge of a schooling for the new delegates, so I’ll be home late and then Tuesday is a full-long 9 h schoolday followed by the first annual meeting for the Helsinki Student’s Central Organisation HECO. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna candidate for any positions but you never know *sigh*.

On the upside. We got the flight tickets for the trip to Hungary (where I’m representing FSS on an Obessu Study Session in the end of February) and I’m planning a little trip to Spain with my cousin and sister. And then there’s an interesting thing coming up later this spring where I’ll probably be traveling too, and of course, if everything goes by the plan, I’ll be spending parts of this summer Interrailing. But that would require a summer job and I haven’t had the energy to contact any places. Another sigh. But somehow I felt a slight appreciation in the bus today when I though about everything I have and how much I love even the annoying and hard and tiring parts of my life.


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