We were in the Vatican the other day, and we’ve been in Italy for almost a week now. There are a lot of old, beautiful churches in Europe, especially in the Southern parts. And now I’ve been to lots and lots of churches in my life, as a tourist, singing in a choir and just […]

When I was little, I was always thought about who those thin-haired, middle-aged, suit-and-tie business people with their small black portfolios, were. Now I know. I’m one of them, except for the thin hair, the fact that my passport says I’m 16, the tie-lessness and that the portfolio is a Fjällräven backpack. Yup, I’m traveling […]

This morning, in the breakfast buffet, an older woman stepped in front of me in the line to the coffee machine. Now, I usually confront people that do this, but I had just woken up and sadly, I don’t speak any Russian, so I didn’t bother. Anyway, back at my table, I started waking up […]

    Here you have some sunny Porvoo-pictures! The last 5 are from today. I had Wednesday off from school so I’m attending the Days for Finn-Swedish Youth Work, here in my hometown. I represent FSS, but I since we’re in Porvoo there was a lot of talk about the Youth Council as well. And […]

An insta from yesterday. Been going through (AND SCANNING) pictures from the early 2000’s, when me and my sister where cute little toddlers hitting each other and eating and sleeping instead of doing anything with a purpose. On the picture, you have a stack that’s about a forth of the pictures we have from 1999-2004. […]

Aaaaand awake way too late again. Today you’re gonna get the material of a photoshoot in my school Prakticum. I really really really like that school, it’s so well-working and structured, with qualified teachers (most of them haha) and good food. We did this promo-photoshoot with some peeps from my class today as an exercise […]

As someone who always have been, always will be and right now is expressing my opinions in the first way that comes to mind, I look at censorship as one of the most cruel things in the world. What gives you as a human, the right to forbid another human from expressing themselves when they’re […]