You’ve got nothing to lose

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Here you have some sunny Porvoo-pictures! The last 5 are from today. I had Wednesday off from school so I’m attending the Days for Finn-Swedish Youth Work, here in my hometown. I represent FSS, but I since we’re in Porvoo there was a lot of talk about the Youth Council as well. And I was definitely the only one under 18 attending. But an interesting day in general, lectures and workshops and a little this and that. I met a lot of people, but the discussions were not really about anything new. I think a lot of the youth workers that haven’t been in schools or even young themselves in a long time, got the most NEW information. All the facts about gender-perspective this and that was just ordinary everyday things in schools, but people seemed amazed and surprised. I always dislike when there are these seminars and lectures about youth and how youth are, but no young people are neither asked for opinions or even invited. And people seem to forget that “youth” are not defined by one opinion or one kind of people, just like “elderly” don’t have the same opinions or ideas or stories. We don’t define with “youth”. We define with people with different interests and goals and plans and dreams. And sometimes we define ourselves by age. But we’re more then that. Another thing that annoys me is that people seem to think segregation between genders can SUPPORT equality. Which it can’t. These youth workers talking about confirmation camps, almost PROUD of having girl- and boy groups and then ending their sessions with letting the boys ask the girls QUESTIONS and vice versa. What the actual fuck. If you segregate people from a young age, they’ll always segregate themselves. The differences between females and males are not bigger then biological (doesn’t matter except for when it comes to reproduction), but then society has created these gaps, that we seem to think are just ordinary things that we should pretty much accept. So norms. Which this one woman in particular was strongly against, and still she spoke so highly of this segregation. There’s also this very nice youth worker from Porvoo, she’s awesome, so happy and nice and just cool. But she keeps inviting me (on facebook) to these all girls-nights at the Youth Center Zentra. And I keep declining, but I’ve never got the chance to explain why. And the truth is simple, I don’t support it. The need to have different groups for boys and girls to discuss things wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have them. We make up the differences ourselves, in the fight against them. It’s sick, it’s stupid, fighting norms with the norms themselves. And it gives me a headache when I think about how much better we could do then we’re doing now. Gah and don’t get me started on intergenders and how wrong the norm-fighting is treating them. Not that I know any intergenders personally, but I wish I would. See, not even WordPress considers “intergender” to be a word! On the other hand, WordPress doesn’t consider “WordPress” to be a word.

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