So love what you do

And yes I do!


I’m home when my famil y’s asleep, and I leave before they wake up. It’s been amazingly springy and sunny here the last few days and I’m just constantly in a good mood. Except for when my computer’s in school and at home have problems, I’ve got no patience at all haha. But other then that, school is going good, I still like my maths’ class more then most subjects *nerd*. I had a Skype meeting about the Western European SSU-co-operation WESSAC, and I really feel we’re on to something here.

Friday was just the perfect day. Sunny from the early morning when I took the 07.07 but to school, and sunny when I took the 17.36 bus home to visit my Grandma, and then spend the evening with Emil. We planned our Interrailing for this summer, sang some SingStar (sounded HORRIBLE, at least my part, but I blame it on my voice that hasn’t quite recovered from the flu yet) and had some wine, chips and choclate. Perfect. And now I’m in a bus to Helsinki, where the FSS board is meeting this weekend, so yay WORK!

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