Seems like I’ve been running in the wrong direction

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Oh how wonderful and positive everything feels when the sun is shining! It’s spring in Finland, and I’m wearing Vans and my spring-jacket!

Last weekend I was the host at a regional music event (competition that you can’t call competition since it’s an opportunity for youth to stand on stage and get positive feedback) in Loviisa near Porvoo, and I totally failed and called a really cool rockband named The Onetimer One Direction. And it was like the 4th time I introduced them too.  A lot of my friends did great and we’ll be seeing them on nationals in May in Porvoo. Don’t know what I’ll be doing there yet, but I’m gonna be part of staff. After the event I caught up with Krisu and some people and I totally lost my voice again and the Dad that drove us home laughed at me haha. Anyway, a superfun and tiring day. So on Sunday, I did nothing special and just wrote some WESSAC documents and went through some pictures.

Monday was roooough cuz I couldn’t sleep and I had a really long school day followed by a 5-hour youth council meeting where I suddenly was both the secretary and translator. It went surprisingly well though.

Tuesday Natalia from my class cut my hair. She is going to be a media-assistant, not a hairdresser. Bu thinking about that and the fact that she did it for free, I’m happily surprised. It looks like the pineapple I had between 8th and 9th grade, only a little shorter maybe.

And yesterday I had the day oooooooff and went to see Rebecca. We walked her horse, talked and ate pizza, and caught up just like old times. And the busdriver was so sweet and nice and happy and so was the staff in the local SIWA, and the weather was just amazing and we walked like a lot of kilometres in the forest, and aaaah.

I’ve been mysteriously happy ever since Budapest. That trip away from reality was more needed then ever. I just walk around and smile when I think about everything I have. Always going to fun places and having all these opportunities, and even when I’m on my way home, I know I’m going somewhere where I’m not totally understood but still loved. We actually looked at an [election engine] yesterday and my family is everywhere else then where I am, plus they don’t care. Also, I got mad at one of the questions when I thought about how many politicians that had answered that yes, home, religion and fatherland are good basic rules for politics. So I wrote this thing that I’m gonna send to a lot of newspapers. I’ll publish it here as well when I have had it translated.

But right now, I’m just chilling in the bus on the way home from school sun shining and Passenger singing about traveling in my ears. Love.

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