Then tell them right now

I have come to the conclusion that I’m a little weird. I went to sleep on thursday night looking forward to writing the new statutes for WESSAC. Western European School-Students Advisory Council was founded in Budapest like a week ago, with a meeting some of the participants wanted. The idea has existed but this was the first time anyone did something about it. And of course, I got exited as always. Since the Nordic countries already have one, I knew just a little about that and what’s working and what’s not, and then I also had some knowledge about organisations and how they work. So somehow I ended up taking minutes on this very first meeting of theirs. And then I promised to work as their secretary general. So I’ve been making up lots of official documents and other things in the last few days together with the Belgian guy who took the first initiative for this whole co-operation. He’s a really great guy and fantastic to work with! And he’s always worried about how I’m doing and if I’ve got too much to do.
And actually, I’m working today too. I’m the host, speaker or whatever you wan’t to call it on a bilingual regional musicevent in Loviisa, and I’m gonna be talking on stage for approximately every 15 minutes for 5 hours. the only problem is that I’m still really hoarse and my head is aching and I just had to re-write the whole speech cuz of a tiny little change in the time-table. But this is gonna be fun, I’ve already ran around half of this town to find a printer haha.

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