An insta from yesterday. Been going through (AND SCANNING) pictures from the early 2000’s, when me and my sister where cute little toddlers hitting each other and eating and sleeping instead of doing anything with a purpose. On the picture, you have a stack that’s about a forth of the pictures we have from 1999-2004. In 2004, we got a digital camera some luckily I have most of that on the computer already.

I haven’t been blogging since the funeral, well because the feeling hasn’t been the brightest in this household. The obituary got cut off in the middle of the verse, and I spent the whole of Saturday calling around to find someone who could fix so that the obituary in Hufvudstadsbladet would be alright. At least a woman answered and we got that fixed (problem with the layout, you see the verse was a little longer than what they where used to) and she was really helpful and understanding.

Friday-night was also spent at home, just taking it easy and getting the ordinary everyday-stuff done, meaning like 4 machines of laundry.

But Thursday was great! I was at a seminar about the renewing of the youth law that the Provincial Office in southern Finland arranged. My friend Märt was there to talk, among a lot of different youth workers and public servants. Weirdly, we where only 3 under 20’s in the auditorium, and the other youth there was where soon-to-be youth workers. So not a lot the people it was all about.

And then there was this one woman, a youth worker from Kotka, who in her speech said that it’s not the right way to listen to youth to have them sit in the grown-ups’ meetings. At this point I was already frustrated after listening to a number of people that thought they knew what they were talking about, so I just had to comment. I think what a lot of people miss is that there are as many kinds of youth as there are youth, just as there are as many kinds of grown-ups as there are grown-ups. Some youth do their best work in the Official Committees, and some fill out forms on the internet and some just don’t care. We’re no different from adults in that way. We’re all unique and NO, you’re not automatically in the risk zone to be marginalized if you like Netflix more then school. The only thing that law has to cover is a network of resources that help someone with no experience from school to school or school to work. It should guarantee you a decent life even though you haven’t been on this earth when Soviet fell, not forcing you to figure out your future when your twelve. This law should give youth options, not force them into the society without answering any questions.

But that was Thursday, and I’m glad I got that opportunity as well. On Sunday I filmed the material for a documentary I’m doing in school, and since I’m in Hungary the week the others do it in groups, I did it on my own this week. Today I had a meeting/course-ish thing with the new youth counselors that are going to be updating the website alongside me (Been doing it alone for the last two years) cuz now we have a great group of active youth helping out! So happy for that!

Right now I’m just looking for a summerjob, I’ve filled in applications to 15 places but I should probably show some engagement and visit the most important ones in person hehe.

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