Holding hands


Ridiculously beautiful weather for a funeral.


One of the most sorrowful days I’ve ever lived through. A small party of 20 family members gathered to remember and honor L in the small church of Porvoo.

It hurts so bad.

Seeing your loved ones cry and realising that they know the horrifying truth that we’ll never meet her again. And then slowly realising that yourself all over again. After all the people I’ve ever missed, I had no idea it could hurt this much.

But we stood there around the casket, holding hands and leaving our single red roses, before carrying the casket to the car and seeing it leave in the early spring that L never got to see.

And then we went for “glass of good”, as she would have said. And laughed at memories, cried of pain and raised a glass for a lost loved one.



Forever in our hearts.


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