Something funny, something sunny

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Wow, what a weekend. So tired right now.

I’m so thankful, for meeting all these people, for learning all these things, for all the laughs and for the moments when me and my loved ones smile. I had a discussion with my boss today about appreciating all those small things in life. And I really do.

Denmark is beautiful. I’ve met so many amazing persons this weekend. Funny, kind, generous, intelligent and inspriring human beings with the most interesting experiences and the warmest hugs. Then I’ve also attended some great lectures and workshops in creative marketing and rethorics, all simultanously translated by my old friend Nicolai who got elected for president of the Network of Danish Youth Councils. Except for meetings, lectures and a great party, the weekend was rounded of with some shopping on Ströget in Copenhagen. Odense delivered (except it rained on Saturday) and so did Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark. HAPPY!

Now it’s time for ameeting and then some birthdaycelebration, the worlds most perfect human being Hannah turns 15! ❤

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