All I know

6 5 4 3 2 1TRAVELING again! I’m at the happiest place in the world, the NAU (Danish Youth Council’s Umbrella Organisation) annual meeting. We’re as much outsiders as you can be, 4 Finns and 5o Danes, but we’ve been welcomed with open arms. So happy! We had the best ice breakers ever, no confusing and embarrasing games but a lot of interesting discussions. We tried speed-dating and splitting up in small groups and getting to know eachother there. Then we had some great food and maybe the best workshop I’ve ever been too. Nowadays it’s very rare that I attend a workshop where I actuallt learn a lot and get a new way of viewing things. Which I did today. We learned about storytelling as a political method and I was just fascinated by all of it. It followed the prinicipal Me-Us-Now, which means that you tell a personal story with emotions and then somehow put it in a place where the group can relate, plus add a solution to the problem or a conclusion to motivate your opinion.

Then we spent the rest of the evening eating freshly baked cookies, talking and playing sports games. We sleep in a school and here’s a big gym so we used it of course. So nice to get to know people over a good old ball game and not always drinking. I feel so welcome and comfortable!

The trip here didn’t go too well though. The flight was okay, but when we bought train tickets the machine swallowed half of our money and we didn’t get any tickets, and then we waited an eternity fot someone to help us. It worked out, but in the train we were in the wrong seats 5 times just cuz we couldn’t read the ticket. And then the Wifi didn’t work. But otherwise I’m splendid, loving the sweet people here and looking forward to a great and busy weekend with old friends (Nea and Markus from the youth council, and Nicolai and Carina who we met in Germany last year) and new friends!


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