These are the moments I’m gonna remember

01Well yesterday was interesting. At the beginning of the week I had been to two job interviews and kept none, and now I’ve kept 4. The last one was with and acquaintance of mine, which was a little weird. Now we have to make a decision and it’s a lot more difficult than I had imagined. It’s a lot easier to say “you’re not competent enough” than to say “we don’t think you fit in here”. And it’s a two-year contract, so the decision we’re making is not just a small one for our organisation, but it’s actually someone’s future that depends on it.

But I’ve learned a lot, and I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the last time I’m the one who’s interviewing. Afterwards, I had lunch with FSS’ secretary general at the University of Helsinki. Then I went to work, and got sent to Sökö in Espoo to pick up a stroller for the project I’m doing. I’ve now come to terms with my opinion (a little thanks to the person who’s stroller I’m using. She should me a quote from Hufvudstadsbladet that made me realise that I do have an opinion.) and I’m just going to do all this and then write really really honestly about everything, mainly to clear my head.

Anyway, back to Helsinki with a stroller in a bus late in the afternoon. My biggest fear was that some “real” parent would come with their child and stroller, and of course, two ladies with a stroller (even bigger than mine!) steps on. I felt like panicking haha, but we somehow got our strollers up side by side in the small space in the middle of the bus. Pheww. Then back in Helsinki I decided to walk in the rain instead of taking the tunnel to the editorial, just because I wasn’t sure about whether there was a lift or not. But I survived.

This morning started with me sleeping in, getting up slowly, taking a shower and then rushing to a press conference in the city hall. SOUNDS 2015 is in a week (WHAT how did this happen, I remember the working name from lsat February on the youth council’s agenda like it was yesterday!) and so me, Nea and people from the city and ministry of education and culture met the press to give out information. I’ll write a more informative post about this tomorrow, I think. Currently I’m ignoring the cloudiness and sitting outside, drinking my hot chocolate and eating a (cold) focaccia for lunch, before heading to work. I’m gonna work the evening shift, dressed as a pregnant teen mom with a stroller, and trying to get around in rush hour. Wish me luck…


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